So, you want to be a synchro swimmer! Can you imagine running for up to five minutes while performing acrobatics, holding your breath, looking graceful, and having to keep in time to the music? Well. that’s synchronised swimming!

The sport used to be known as ‘water ballet’. It is incredibly strenuous and skillful. A test on all the Olympic sports before the London 2012 Olympic Games found that synchronised swimmers ranked second only to long distance runners in aerobic capacity! Synchronised swimming encompasses many attributes of sport: strength, power, flexibility, endurance, artistic expression and performance.

At Reading have a very supportive environment, which together with the high standard of coaching, enables swimmers to reach their full potential. On top of this, swimmers quickly make new friends and learn how to work and play in a team.

In the last 7 years we have had swimmers competing or at training camps all over the world - Andorra, Athens, Baku (Azerbaijan), Barcelona, Belgrade, Bonn, Berlin, Budapest, Chania (Crete), Doha, Eindhoven, Glasgow, Istanbul, London 2012, Madrid, Malta, Majorca, Mexico City, Montreal, Paris, Rijeka (Croatia), Rio, Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, St Petersburg and Tokyo.............

Reading Royals offers free "taster" sessions for those aged (usually aged 6 to 13) and runs Fun and Beginner Groups on Sundays and Aquafun on Wednesdays for any youngster wanting to give the sport a try.

 If there is no "taster" scheduled. you can always come down to a club session to see what goes on! Please just email using the form below to arrange beforehand. There is a contact form on the "taster" page.

Synchronised swimming basics are identified within the ASA Aquatics Skills Framework (Synchro), stages 8,9 and 10. These three steps are known as Aquafun and comprise a mixture of swiming, gymnastics and dancing with the focus being on fun. More details of the Aquafun stages can be found at - British Swimming

From Fun and Beginner,  swimmers move to the 'Novice' category and from hereon compete by age group which are 12yrs &under, 13/14yrs, 15/16/17yrs and 18+yrs........



 ........As you progress as a synchro swimmer you will need to have your skills tested before you are able to enter certain competitions. There are five national synchro skill levels which provide an increasing test of ability. The skills booklets below give the exact requirements that swimmers will be marked against when taking their synchro skill level assessments..........


There are a number of ASA licensed regional synchronised swimming competitions that take place throughout the year as well as two showpiece national synchro competitions – the ASA National Championships and the ASA National Age Group Championships.

There are four main categories of synchronised swimming competition:
Solos – where an individual swimmer will synchronise with the music.
Duets – where a swimmer co-ordinates with their partner and in time to the music.
Teams – where the swimmer co-ordinates with up to seven other athletes and in time to the music.
Combination – a team routine where up to ten swimmers perform in one continuous routine but during the routine there will be segments where different numbers of swimmers will perform.

12&under solo

13/14yrs duet

15/16/17yrs team

The ASA England Talent Synchro Programme delivers high-quality training and competition for the most promising young synchronised swimmers in England.

The current Programme features three levels:
England Development (first level) featuring 12-20 athletes of any age.
England Age Group (second level) featuring 10-16 athletes, aged between 13 and 15 years.
England Junior (third level) featuring 10-20 athletes, all older than 15 years.
Athletes are selected from their performances at the ASA National Age Group Championships and a further selection camp following the Championships.
Selection is based on a number of physiological, technical and psychological factors as well as factors such as compatibility and work ethic.

If you are interested in our Aquafun, Fun or Beginner classes, for details on times and costs please contact us at  using the form opposite. This is the enquiry route too for asking about the next free taster session.

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